About holding

 SIAL holding is a diversified group of companies incorporating enterprises of different branches:

-          Aluminum alloys, aluminum profiles and different constructs (Casting-Extrusion Plant “Segal”);

-          Design and installation of SIAL HVF systems (SC “DAK”);

-          Renault and KIA cars sale and service (SIALAUTO).

Casting-Extrusion Plant “Segal” – is one of Russia’s largest aluminum profile manufacturers and ranking 2nd in Russia for profile production. There are a lot of architectural objects in Russia put in place using SIAL aluminum profiles. The range of aluminum profiles produced according to the customers’ drawing is constantly expanding. Moreover, Casting-Extrusion Plant “Segal” specializes in aluminum and wrought alloys production. One of the main additional company’s activities is making components of aluminum alloys for use in railway and water vehicles production.